XDI/AutoXfer© – Automatic Spool/Outputs Distribution


PDF manual

XDI/AutoXfer© is a solution of automated FTP job or internal subtasks to distribute spool outputs to target computers in the TCP/IP network.




  • Efficiency of spool backup device (disk/cartridge)
  • Simple and flexible to manage report
  • “Unattended” operation
  • Simple and easy to implement
  • User can ask for specific modification
  • Messages are complete and representative
  • Distribute reports as user required
  • Users don’t need to logon mainframe
  • Data Centre has no more responsibility regarding user’s reports
  • No need special skill for users and DC personnel



When you don’t like target file naming (on target computer) given by CA-XcomTM

You can schedule command or task based on clock time indicator daily
Also can schedule command or task in every certain time period

  • File Transfer
  • Spool/Report Transfer
  • Automated Spool Transfer
  • Automated Spool Distribution
  • Job Transfer
  • Plug and Play with CA-DispatchTM
  • Plug and Play with Control-DTM
  • Can be used to manage CA-XcomTM
  • Time based console automation





  • 2-level hierarchy of target organization

Represents target specifications
Contains one or more recipients

  • Destination

IP address or name
Same spec among recipients in one destination

  • Recipient
  • 2-form of text on target computer
    • MVS – original JES spool output format
    • Windows – notepad format
  • XDI function is DISTRIBUTION instead of just transfer or download
  • Distribution function is represented at destination level
  • Each recipient within a destination will receive exactly the same amount of files with the same specifications

How XDi/AutoXfer Work

  • Event base
  • Multitasking
  • Log in DIV
  • Works with standard FTP
  • Optionally work with CA-XcomTM
  • Trap each generated report file on JES spool in designated 1-to-8 classes
  • Translate its destination tag to recipient’s IP address(es) according to XDI destination tables
  • Transfer it to recipient’s IP address(es)
  • Delete its original. Optionally can leave it.