NSI Products

Nusantara Software Industry (NSI) is aimed to be a pioneer in system-level software industry center in Indonesia. Not just a daylight dream, NSI has shown its capability in engineering and developing 3 pride products which are bundled into a single package, zJOS-XDI©, an integrated automation software package for z/OS platform. zJOS-XDI is totally designed, developed and engineered by Nusantaran(s) in Nusantara. As a technology breed, zJOS-XDI has shown and proven its whole functions qualities and reliabilities in users’ production system in Indonesia. The package consists of 3 products:

zJOS/Sekar – systems events manager, to manage a list of users’ defined automation rules, where each is a set of automatic action(s) to be fired against occurrences a certain case of a certain type of system-event. As an events manager, Sekar works without operation cycle. This means, Sekar keeps watching each users’ defined rule all the time and immediately fires any rule whenever expected event is occurred.  Sekar recognizes messages, commands, job-step termination (batch job or STC) and job termination (batch job or STC) events as well as date/time schedule for either a time range or one shot, and capable to fire multiple actions on multiple z/OS hosts. Sekar runs as a subsystem of z/OS operating system and a group of subtasks within zJOS-XDI framework. Within the framework, Sekar acts as an organizer who establishes and facilitates the framework and its rule of the game. Hence Sekar must be active all the time. Unlicensed users must also have Sekar active just to keep the framework up.