Software Development

Programming is one of our main skils, and system-level programming for mainframe architecture with advanced assembly coding technique is our main specialty in our main skill. We have successfully done many system-level programming cases or projects since 1986 in MVS and VM environtments. zJOS-XDI products are some of real proves we have done. Our pride zJOS-XDI products have been being used on customer’s production system since 2004 and so far no even a single product error was reported. Based on that, we quite confident to offer software development services.

With us, you would be able to develop any system-level application software such as automation, security, utilities, admin tools, monitoring tools etc even though you don’t have development team. You would also be able to continue maintaining and even enhancing your existing software even though you don’t have team. We are your real development team. Just send your written expectiation to us and let us complete the rest.

For user-level application such as banking, insurance etc, we can serve on either its system-level parts or assembly-coded modules if any. With us, you would be able to convert any assembly source module into higher level language. All user-level functions should be able to be converted to higher level languange. Some system-level functions probably can be converted to higher level language. For modules with very specific system-level functions that require to be coded only in (authorized) assembly, such as exploring OS internal, interfacing with certain herdware, capturing messages, commands, file accesses etc, we can separate their critical portions into callable service routines so you would be able to convert the main logic into higher level language.

Our zCBT (freeware) is a good example. Rexx is one of famous high level language in mainframe. It quite confortable HLL. With Rexx, you can easily manipulate characters and numeric as well as issuing commands. Nevertheless, you won’t be able to immediately capture occurrence of messages (include replying WTOR), job or job step terminations and issuence of commands etc. Becuase Rexx doesn’t have facility to interact with subsystem and JES. With zCBT callable functions, you would be able to do all these functions just within very simple Rexx program. So you would be able develop your own event automation and/or jobs scheduler just in a simple Rexx program.