Our three locally made z/OS automation software products packaged in zJOS-XDI©, namely zJOS/Sekar – the console automation, zJOS/Puspa – workloads scheduler and XDI/AutoXfer – spool auto downloader, are currently running smoothly on users’ sites since 2003.   Since then until now there has never been a problem.   Initially it ran on z/OS V1R4, then V1R9, V1R13 then V2R3 and just be brought up onto V2R5 in Jun 2022, everything was smooth without any problems.   Users are certainly satisfied, because all three very stable and resource efficient so far.   Users are also very happy because zJOS-XDI© has proven to be able to meet all expectations that previously could not be done, even though at that time they used very expensive products from well-known overseas vendors who had international standard corporate guarantees.


The story above is fact, no exaggeration.   If it weren’t for these facts, it would be impossible for zJOS-XDI© to be used there.   In case you’re curious to know it deeper, kindly let us know.   It’s our pleasure to take you to users’ sites to hear their testimonies directly.


Unfortunately, we are not able to market the zJOS-XDI©, except for dealing with users who are in an emergency situation, as we described above.   Because we are only technical people, not sales team.   Meanwhile, mainframe users are generally large companies, large banks.   To market there, dealing with professional executives, a competent professional sales team is needed, supported by a competent corporation as well.   Our company is small, and a professional sales team is unlikely to join.


After 2 decades of pondering which to prioritize between revitalizing and expanding the installed base, we have finally realized that this is just like “chicken and an egg” story.   Both cost a lot of money.   Meanwhile, our financial resources are very limited.   After realizing all of that, we finally decided to sell it to any company that already has competence in this kind of software business.


We believe that the market share for automation / robotics products on the z/OS mainframe platform is still good.   Due to the fact, among huge number of software vendors, only five or even less, who have automation/robotic products.   So that market opportunities are still very good for zJOS-XDI©, as long as it is managed by a competent team.   Besides, we recently heard that one of them had fallen because of inability to keep up with technology trends.   If it is not a hoax, certainly will increase opportunities for zJOS-XDI©.    It must be admitted, developing and maintaining automation/robotic products is not very easy, as it is deeply tight to the internal of the operating system.


Finally, for those who are interested in taking ownership or acquiring zJOS-XDI©, please contact the author or our representatives.