Open Agent Design

To provide the true enterprise automation solution, zJOS-XDI© since earliest version has been equipped with a component, called socket interface.   This is a socket server program which runs as Net Sever task in zJOS-XDI server on the z/OS mainframe system to interface information exchange between system events listener on other zJOS-XDI on other hosts, either mainframe or non-mainframe.   Regardless the type of adjacent host, its system events listener must be able to exchange information to zJOS/NetServer and executes any of its command.   This listener program is hereinafter referred to as zJOS-XDI agent or simply zJOS agent.


The objective of zJOS agent is to automate computer host on which the agent is running integrally with zJOS-XDI on mainframe site. All parameters and definitions of each host are kept in zJOS-XDI database on the mainframe and controlled integrally from a single dashboard.    Once all parameters are ready, the whole enterprise will now be able to run unattendedly on the dark room.


zJOS agent is a simple program, which works on any host outside host on which zJOS-XDI is running.    Agent listens, collects and transfer system events information to zJOS-XDI on the mainframe via socket interface, and listens, receives and executes zJOS-XDI instructions.  zJOS agent for z/OS mainframe is provided in the package.   So this will give those of you who operate more than one z/OS mainframe host the opportunity to integrate them into a single control.


However, for those of you who want to integrate non-z/OS host within the zJOS-XDI automation environment, you must prepare your own zJOS agent.    Of course, you must follow all the provisions of the format and data structure as well as the interaction protocol that has been defined in the zJOS agent design.

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