Systems Engineering

Mainframe has been modernized become System z.  Since that, mainframe capables to accommodate all modern applications as well as its legacies. With its essentialities in security, scalability, reliability, flexibility and mission-critical compliance, mainframe then becomes the cheapest server in term of price/performance. Many sites were migrating their server to mainframe System z, whereas many others are planning to use it. Not only for those the nature of mainframe (for business-critical) is required like in banking’s, governments and reservations, the System z’s excellent capability of its hyper-visor technology (with z/VM operating system) is also getting popular in Linux hosting business sector. More over, since the world’s fastest z196 processor was launched in combination with zBX blades that capable to re-host System p and (theoretically) System i, mainframe System z would potentially become the most ideal server to pack the ranches or plantations of servers into a single box.

Unfortunately, mainframe somehow is normally avoided by assessment team in many large-scale IT investing projects. The reason is sometime very simple, the team doesn’t know what mainframe is.   Some others have even never heard about the word “mainframe”. Suppose your site is banking or government where mainframe is normally the most optimum solution match with your real needs.   Such situation is then very regretable. To avoid such situation, you should consult with other team who knows mainframe as well as other platforms. Here we are ready to help you on feasibility study based on quantitative and qualitative systems engineering analysis to obtain the best conclusion either as a second opinion or final solution.

We provide all analytic (statistical) systems engineering services on feasibility study, capacity planning, system performance configuration design as well as technical systems engineering services on systems installation, customization, administration and performance management. With us, you would be able to customize your z/OS or z/VM deeper to meet your expectation.

In customization edge, we able to do more. Not just customizing parameters like in ordinary systems engineering works. We can, if required, re-engineer all necessary things surrounding your OS and system-level application, includes OS installation exits, products’ user exits, local command processors, local utilities and other local tools etc. to gain the best solution.