About Author

Deru Sudibyo is the only owner and author of Nusantara Software Industry (NSI) products and technologies. He has spent 2 years alone developing event-driven automations and jobs-scheduler tools for z/OS platform, which are bundled into a single package called zJOS-XDI(C). All zJOS-XDI products are currently running on customers’ production system and DR sites in Jakarta.


Deru’s products, records and publications


Specialties in System-level Programming


  • z/OS internals and systems programming
    • Subsystem (SSI)
    • SLIH (SVC, ESR)
    • System resources management
    • Events handling (includes cross-memory)
    • Extended addressability (Dataspace, DIV and hyperspace)
    • SAF
    • Command processing and user-interface (JES2, TSO, VTAM, SSI etc)
    • etc
  • Mainframe advanced assembly programming
    • Advanced coding technique
    • Advanced macro coding technique
    • Advanced multitasking algorithm
    • Stand-alone programming (FLIH, SLIH, I/O, bootstrap etc.)
    • etc
  • z/VM internals and systems programming
    • Hypervisor
    • System resources management
    • Events handling
    • Extended addressability (Dataspace, DIV and hyperspace)
    • Shared segment (NSS, DCSS)
    • CMS Nucleus (kernel) extension
    • Command processing and user-interface (CMS, VTAM, IUCV, VMCF etc)
    • etc


Specialties in User-level Programming


  • SNA network programming
  • TCP/IP network programming
  • TSO and ISPF programming
  • JES2 programming
  • CICS programming


Specialties in Systems Engineering

  • Capacity Planning (statistical)
  • Systems configuration design and implementation
  • Systems performance management (tuning, optimizing)
  • Systems administration (using RACF, ACF2)
  • Systems support
  • Statistical methods for IT environment
  • etc


Specialties in Computer Languages


  • Assemblers
    • BAL
    • HLASM
  • Compilers/Interpreters
    • Rexx
    • GML
    • HTML
    • C/C++
    • BASIC
    • Fortran
    • PL/1
    • COBOL
    • CLIST
  • etc


Educational Background


  • Sarjana degree from Dept of Statistics & Computation, IPB, 1984


Hobbies & Interests


  • Shorinji Kempo (black belt)
  • Offroad adventure (riding/driving 4WD vehicle)