About Us

Nusantara Software Industry


Nusantara Software Industry (NSI), a house of Nusantaran creative and innovative software engineers and developers, is a mainframe software technology leading industry in Nusantara. NSI neither represents someone else nor provides services for someone's else products and technologies. NSI represents itself and sells its own products and technologies that it has created itself.  NSI is very proud being itself.


NSI has produced zJOS-XDI© or XDI2©, a package of 3 automation tools, (1) system-events manager for non-cycled or unperiodic and unsolicited operation automation, (2) workloads scheduler for cycled or periodic (calendar basis) and solicited operation automation and (3) spool outputs distribution. Last time NSI products were marketed by separate distributor. Currently NSI handles both R&D and marketing itself as a business unit of PT Agrisoft Citra Buana.


NSI knows that being itself in the industry level of software business especially "system-level" software is not very easy. It's too hard to bootstrap. It has to spend extra efforts to compete against several mature brands. Not just committing its high quality in products, technology and support, but also in extra low cost. Moreover, in Indonesia, where most of people's mindsets are Western brands minded, NSI has to spend some more extra efforts and has to be extra patient to introduce its products and technologies. Just like an unexpected guest at its own home.


Nevertheless, NSI won’t surrender fighting people’s wrong paradigm. Brands and corporate images are nothing to do with the products and supports qualities. NSI keeps trying to provide the best qualities in both products and supports to its existing customers. And thanks God, fortunately zJOS/Sekar© and zJOS/Puspa© has been running on customer’s production systems since 2008 and XDI/AutoXfer© since 2004 with no even a single product error is reported so far.




NSI Business Plan

Focus on commercial software industry doesn't mean we only develop and sell our own products and technology. We also sell our unique skills in mainframe software development to everyone who plans to develop new products or enhance or modify their existing products. We provide system-level software development outsource for z/OS and z/VM platforms with the best rate of cost.


NSI knows such businesses must be started locally to gain reputation and boot power. NSI also knows there is very limited number of local mainframe sites. But, NSI believes, 3 or 4 customers for current zJOS-XDI full package are enough to get power to take off to the regional market. Afterward, not just playing the existing 3 products. NSI believes it very very able to produce other new products to compete the whole market. The existing NSI products are automation tools, which is not just too complicated to develop, but also high risk as they touch directly to the core of mission-critical mechanism. Only some mature vendors play with such business. Fortunately, now in fact, NSI has been playing with it and so far so good. This means, NSI didn't start from the bottom, rather, it has started from at least the middle. That is why, to enlarge its technologies and products scope is absolutely not a daylight dreaming. It will easily come true soonest it got bootstrap power.


Masalahnya, NSI lahir di negeri pecinta dan pengagum karya bangsa lain. Bagaikan mencari sumber air di tengah gurun tanpa payung dan alas kaki. Sudah 7 tahun merangkak hanya satu nasabah yang didapatkan. Bukti, citra dan kesaksian yang muncul dari nasabah ini seakan tenggelam tertelan gelora kekaguman terhadap produk asing. Dengan sisa-sisa tenaga yang ada, NSI masih akan berjuang terus semampunya sambil menyimak takdir dan nunggu mu'jizat.  Apakah NSI ditakdirkan ikut andil mengangkat martabat bangsa? Kita lihat saja kelak di akhir ceritanya. Semoga bangsa ini tidak ditakdirkan menjadi gedibal bangsa lain selamanya.  Maaf harus ditulis seperti ini, karena ibarat petinju yang sudah bonyok sedang memasuki ronde terakhir... sudah tidak ada lagi yang perlu dikawatirkan.



History of NSI

NSI grew from freelance/outsource team which provided deep system-level technical services leaded by the founder   Some unique services such as exits customizations, local system functions and even creative system-level application developments were his main businesses in the past. Even some modules yielded during his work were contributed as freeware, of course with legally permission from his clients that stated in the contract agreement.


Starting in 2003, the team was then converted to NSI and focus on commercial software industry, mainly in system-level application development. The first 3 products, zJOS/Sekar©, zJOS/Puspa© and XDI/AutoXfer©, are bundled into a single package called zJOS-XDI© and have been marketed since 2004.


Complete story can be found here.



Pemalang Silicon Valley


Although Deru (NSI founder) has quite reputations in digging the stomach of mainframe OS since 1986, even ever built a “miniature” of OS for IBM System/390 architecture and written 3 tight books discussing about assembler, mainframe computer architecture and systems programming, it was not very easy to convince the team to setup a real “system-level” software industry. A real system-level software product development project needs more than just high quality skills. It also needs highly keenness and fitness for everyone to finish quite long term project with several difficulties since system-level software deeply touch quite detail OS and hardware architecture, instead of just its main application logic. Sound makes sense, isn’t it?


Deru, therefore, has to prove it himself. He then used his client’s challenge by the time to improve the existing scheduling system to support job-step level triggering. This was very good challenge that scheduler and automation are mission-critical areas where not every mature vendor quite confident to play in. He then went to rural area in Pemalang, Jawa Tengah to find a good place for meditation inspiring himself. Finally he found Semingkir, a small beautiful county in a valley near to mount Slamet in Pemalang. He created side activity first to hide his main mission from people around there, by developing distiller machine and establishing patcholli oil distillation business there. Soonest that business ran, he started his main mission, designing and coding the scheduler and automation tools from his laptop. He did it alone.


Fresh air and beautiful views of Semingkir, help him tuning up his capabilities in digging the traffic mechanism of system events beneath the surface of z/OS to find the best algorithm to manage them simultaneously. In certain situation when met difficulties, he drove his Jeep into the jungle around the valley to get better inspiration from the sky. Offroad or site seeing sometime much better than sleep to get the brain refreshed.


Two years later, 2 products in a single framework were ready for testing, and he called Sekar for automation (events manager) and Puspa for scheduler, both are his daughters’ names, and the whole package was then registered as his intellectual property with name XDI2, later is known as zJOS-XDI. Thanks God, he has proven himself not just to finish the project, moreover, yielding the product for mission-critical computing system, which certainly needs very high reliability. He then called Semingkir as his “Silicon Valley”.